About us
Premium Hardwood Decking started business in the spring of 2013 after three years of planning.

In the summer of 2009 my wife and I began planning the deck at our cabin at Turtle Lake. I did not want a deck made of pressure treated lumber as I did not want to replace the decking in a few years after it had weathered poorly. Our cabin has cedar siding and I wanted decking that was also a natural product so composite decking was never an option.

While reading a landscaping magazine I came upon an article about tropical hardwood decking and was intrigued. After a lot of research and hours of deliberation, I decided on using 1×6 Ipe decking to build my deck. The only problem was that it was impossible to get as no one carried it or had even heard of it.

Phd deckI eventually bought 1200 linear feet of decking from a person south of Edmonton who had mistakenly ordered the wrong size decking. He only charged me what he had paid for the wood but that also included exchange rate and over $1600 for shipping. By the time I got back to the lake with my new wood, it had cost me close to $6 a linear foot.

Enough people commented on my deck to make me think that there may be a demand for hardwood decking, but not at such a high cost.

The goal of Premium Hardwood Decking is to supply a superior product to customers at a reasonable price.

We are able to achieve this by ordering large quantities which keeps shipping costs down. We are then able to transfer these savings to the customer while having decking on hand so you can have your decking when you need it.

If you want the highest quality decking available at an affordable price then Premium Hardwood Decking is your best option.

Kris Gunderson

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